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Natural Harmonik is a creative agency that builds bespoke sonic worlds for creatives, brands AND films, founded by award-winning composer, Thérèse Chaix.



when a SINGLE note sounds, A KALEIDOSCOPE OF OTHER tones soar high above AND BELOW what we hear, ALL RINGING IN PERFECT HARMONY. these other notes are called harmonics, (spelled with a “k” in german). their presence determines the tone and timbre, the mood and color, of the note we hear most prominently. WITH a string instrument like A HARP OR A cello, by touching the strings gently at certain division points, these SUPPORTING TONES CAN BE PLAYED and the result is a glossy, ethereal, shimmering sound called a natural harmonic.

that is who we are and what we do. we are the supporting tones, bringing color, mood, and emotive depth to our collaborators’ CREATIONS, our music HARMONIZING WITH and RESONATING organically from the breadth of their creative vision. Our COLLABORATIVE process revolves around our INTENTION to provide value in this way and serve the greater creative vision above all else. get in touch and get started⟶



hailed as “an artist in command of her craft, in possession of a prodigious imagination,” thérèse chaix is an award-winning composer whose passion for interdisciplinary collaboration catalyzed the launch of Natural Harmonik in 2019. Chaix’s fascination with the power of art to transform our view of the world and bring people together blossomed into a life-long passion while spending a childhood creating worlds with words, colors, and music in Northern California. A classically trained pianist and cellist from the age of three, Thérèse began composing at the age of nine and received her education in music composition in Zurich, Switzerland and New York City. With her music, Chaix forges complex sonic environments encompassing deep emotional breadth, timbral saturation and architectural precision rendering the familiar strange and the strange beautiful. The inspiration she draws from nature, poetry, visual art, and her French, Swedish, Spanish and Filipina roots come together to form her distinct compositional aesthetic. Above all, Chaix composes music as a vehicle for empathy and catharsis by telling stories in a universal language that traverse and translate the emotions that define what it means to be human.

get in touch and get started⟶